Oh Yes He Did Girl

Oh Yes He Did Girl

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This is the “seasoned” version.

I did not hold back on the salt, pepper, nor the details. 

If you've ever been in any relationship and doubted your intuition because you were in "looooooooovvvvvveeeee".

If there were signs but every time you asked a question he would make it seem like YOU were the crazy one and somehow he would end up mad at you; yes, this is for you.

If he's always at your house and you've never been to his.

If his phone is miraculously "dead" at night or he's always falling asleep.

If he always turns the face of his phone away from you, lays it face down, or leaves it in the car.

Here's my story and how I found out (Part 1).

Stay tuned for the coming series to know how I got out.